State-approved: The AMA GOURMET REGION Quality Seal is state-approved and notified by the EU. Part of the state-approved quality seals are the AMA Quality Seal, the AMA Organic Seal, the EU Ecolabel, the EU protection of origin labels and the AMA GOURMET REGION Quality Seal. Direct agricultural producers, food manufactures and gastronomy can become part of the AMA GOURMET REGION Quality Seal.

Controlled quality and origin: Meat, dairy products, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fish and game are regionally produced for the AMA GOURMET REGION participants. In the case of meat, this applies to at least two out of three types (beef, pork and chicken) and for fruit and vegetables this concerns potatoes as well as three other perennial types. One type of fish and one kind of game have to be regionally produced. Our direct agricultural producers only use their own raw materials for their products. Our manufacturers, such as butchers, bakers and confectioners turn regional ingredients into high-quality foods. All this is regularly controlled by external supervisory bodies. 

A lot of AMA GOURMENT REGION participants are also members of culinary partners.

Ama Gorument Region Partners


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