Upper Austria

Upper Austria has a lot to offer, not only in scenic but also in culinary regards. From the Salzkammergut to the Mühlviertel region, from the Dachstein Mountain to the Bohemian Forest, from the rivers Inn and Enns to the Danube – the variety of the Upper Austrian landscape creates also a variety of culinary specialties.

The variety of Upper Austria
Upper Austria can be proud of its regional food production in farm houses, in manufactures and also of the refinement in the gastronomy. As raw material and basis they use what the soil produces or what grows and thrives in the region. The careful processing guarantees delightful taste experiences and substantial cuisine. Next to culinary highlights Upper Austria also offers a lot of leisure activities. All year round there are hardly any limits to sports activities. From hiking to paragliding, from crosscountry skiing to curling, from a visit in a stalactite cave to a ride on the summer toboggan run or a navigation on the Danube, which by the way flows 111 kilometres through Upper Austria. And also some of the most famous lakes are located in Upper Austria, like for example Attersee, the largest lake that is fully located in Austria, or Traunsee, which is the deepest lake of Austria with a depth of 191 metres. The highest point is the High Dachstein with 2,995 metres. Next to the nature also the cities and towns are worth a visit: from the picturesque town Hallstatt to the imperial Bad Ischl until the provincial capital Linz and one thing they all have in common…

The dumplings
They are typical for this region and can be enjoyed in all variations, like baked Mühlviertler
dumplings, little Innviertler dumplings, sour semolina dumplings and sweet dumplings – you will find them on the menus throughout the whole province. Also typical are “Bratl in der Rein” (roast pork), Kübelspeck (speck cured in vats), cabbage, smoked meat with kraut and semolina dumplings, plug fish from the Salzkammergut region and a large variety of bread and pastries, from farmhouse bread to Mohnflesserl (small poppy loaf). But not only the traditional kitchen plays an important role in the Upper Austrian cuisine – the well-known and already mentioned classics are carefully and creatively changed in the gastronomy, new varieties of traditional dishes conquer the menus. An attractive
presentation on the plate is just as important as the careful and loving preparation.

Regional products
Potatoes are a fix part of every menu, no matter in which form. For every way of preparation the suitable varieties can be found with a particular flavour, like for example the Sauwalder potatoes, the Landl potatoes from the Eferdinger Basin or the Granitland potatoes from the Mühlviertel region. A special ingredient that always has been used especially in the Mühlviertel region is the linseed oil. In combination with the richly available potatoes a traditional dish was created, being not only nutritious but also healthy – the Mühlviertler linseed oil potatoes. Typical beverages are pome fruit wines and sparkling apple or pear wine, but also big distillers and smaller breweries as well as winegrowing gain in importance.

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Beer bike tours in the Mühlviertel region: Many different bike tours lead through the Mühlviertel region along the hop fields. In between you can taste regional beer specialties at inns and small breweries.

Nature Park Fruit-Hill-Land: Cherry, pear and apple trees characterise the landscape from the nature park Fruit-Hill-Land Scharten and St. Marienkirchen. You can stop for refreshment at a cider tavern.

ORF „Land&Leute: Kräuter vielseitig verwenden“, Broadcast from 29.05.2021, Creator: Hans

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